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Dante Sais

Dante Sais joined Envision Realty Services in December of 2007. Prior to joining our team, Mr. Sais worked for Able Engineering in the LEED-EB, Platinum Certified Cal/EPA Headquarters building in Sacramento, CA and in the Engineering Department at Fox Plaza in Los Angeles, CA.

Prior to moving to Northern California, Mr. Sais started and operated an environmentally friendly Pressure Washing company in San Diego, CA, which cleaned high-rise building hardscape and parking structures. His company ensured the application of chemicals was kept to a minimum and, when chemicals were used, they were EPA compliant. Additionally, all water used during the process was reclaimed, cleaned and recycled. Dante also played an integral part in the development of the Sacramento County Landfill cardboard recycling program. Dante's past business ventures have had an emphasis on property improvements, recycling of resources and incorporating green practices that help protect the environment.

Since joining Envision, Dante has worked on every LEED project submitted by Envision and certified by USGBC. He has also trained all employees on LEED requirements and has helped develop Envisions’ internal procedures, which have been integral to Envision earning its status as the largest LEED EB consulting firm in the Nation. Dante’s experience with project submittals has earned him the additional role of Internal Project Reviewer, which requires him to thoroughly review each project prior to submittal. This internal review process is designed to capture any discrepancies in a project before it is submitted to the USGBC. Dante is currently working on several LEED EB projects as the project team administrator as well as overseeing his team of qualified LEED consultants.

Dante brings his dedication and commitment to environmental practices to Envision Realty Services. Additionally, he brings his knowledge of Building Operations and Project Management and is managing several Core and Shell and Existing Building portfolios currently in the process of obtaining LEED certification.