Building Commissioning

Maximum Savings with Minimum Costs

Commissioning is a third-party verification process that employed to verify building’s energy-consuming systems are installed, calibrated, and operating as intended by the Owner’s Project Requirements. We perform commissioning in accordance with LEED and California’s Title 24 requirements.


Types of Commissioning

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Fundamental Commissioning

  • New building or gutting your old HVAC system?  We can help make sure it runs and is maintained as it is meant to be.  The process incudes the initial review of the OPR and BOD documents, and tests those standards thoroughly in the building.  By testing the design specifications against the actual situations on site, we are able to ensure your building is running as efficiently as possible; saving you energy and costs.

Enhanced Commissioning

  • For a more in depth commissioning process, we offer Enhanced Commissioning.  In addition to the steps of Fundamental Commissioning, the Enhanced Commissioning Process includes additional reviews and developmental training.

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  • If your building is already built and you would like to explore your savings, Retro or Re-Commissioning is right for you. By comparing the system usage at the property currently and comparing that to the design specifications, we can find the most efficient way to run the building. If anything has changed over time or a system is not quite running up to par, we will find and eliminate any inefficiencies.

Ongoing Commissioning

  • Want to make sure your building never loses any efficiencies? Ongoing Commissioning repeats the commissioning process with a time frame of your choosing. Constantly reviewing and maintaining your systems so that any changes are managed as quickly as possible.