EnVision LEED Engineering

Our Team of Engineers can provide a variety of services to save you Time, Energy, and Money


Energy Audit Services

Whether Re-commissioning or ASHRAE Level II Audits, Envision's Engineering Department has the expertise and experience to provide tremendous returns on your investment, and four points in LEED EB O&M.

The purpose of the energy audit is to identify and implement strategies to reduce the building’s energy use and operating costs. We will identify all measures that will contribute to reductions in energy use and/or operating costs and provide an estimate of the costs, an estimate of the savings and a cost-benefit analysis. We will follow the procedures outlined in ASHRAE publication, "Procedures for Commercial Building Energy Audits".  At the conclusion of the audit, we will separate the results into low cost/no cost energy conservation measures (ECM’s) that should be immediately implemented and potential capital intensive improvements that will require more thorough data collection and engineering analysis. A comprehensive report of findings will be prepared, and the findings will be reviewed with building ownership and operations personnel to ensure that an understanding of the content has been reached.

Every day we are paying more for energy than we should due to poor insulation, inefficient lights, appliances, and heating and cooling equipment - money we could save by investing in energy efficiency.

                      - Bernie Sanders

From Energy Star

From Energy Star

Energy Star Benchmarking

ENERGY STAR has become an industry standard in competitive buildings.

Studies have shown that ENERGY STAR certified buildings:

  •  Have lower operating costs
  •  Are more marketable
  •  Contribute fewer greenhouse gas emissions to the environment
  •  Command higher rental rates
  •  Have increased asset value

With EnVision's property management experience, we know the best and most efficient way to benchmark your building.

Benchmarking alone can save 2.9% on annual energy costs.

Pair that with an ASHRAE Audit to find even greater savings for your building!

Done correctly, the process can save on average 7% on energy costs.

Outside Air Testing

Compliance with ASHRAE standards can be tough. Lucky for you EnVision has the solution.  Our team of engineers has the experience and the imagination to get you through even the toughest standards.

Whether your goal is LEED based, efficiency and savings based, or both; we have the tools and knowledge to get the job done right.


Green Building Services

EnVision Realty Services believes that there is a growing and unmet demand for properties that are built or retrofitted to be resource-efficient and that are equipped with advanced lighting, heating, and cooling technology, which research shows increases employee productivity.  EnVision Realty is a leader in the development and operation of such buildings and will offer the opportunity for higher risk adjusted returns through:

Lower operating expenses. Energy-efficient properties can save 20% to 30% on energy costs, which will have increasing importance in light of expected energy price escalations.

Higher revenues and lower long term capital costs due to the competitive leasing advantage in obtaining and retaining tenants. Employers are becoming more aware of the substantial benefits of improved health, comfort and productivity in high performance green properties.

Top tier market rents with potential future premiums as the demand for green buildings increases; Stable cash flow; and Increased property value.

Our specialty is capitalizing on this opportunity through the acquisition of under-performing properties for redeveloping and repositioning them as high performance green LEED-rated properties.