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We have the experience, knowledge and resources to provide your team with the guidance to ensure a successful and more effective LEED process. Our process includes clarification of LEED documentation requirements, frequent communication regarding project status, answering LEED credit criteria questions and ultimately guiding the team through a clear and efficient LEED effort.


LEED Maintenance Program

The new requirements for LEED recertification have been released and we have the experience to know what is required to implement these measures.  With these requirements in mind, we have developed a new LEED EB Recertification Maintenance Program.  For a small monthly fee, Envision will be responsible for collecting data, documenting all processes and procedures, ensuring the project is complying with all LEED requirements, and submitting to USGBC for recertification.  This program provides a LEED Maintenance Program incorporated into the LEED Consultation cost. We believe this creates more value to our clients than just the LEED consultation.

EnVision’s LEED Maintenance and Recertification Program takes the hassle out of the LEED process, Monthly, Reports, LEED, Capitol Savings, Capitol Costs,

The program includes:

  • Monthly Collection & management of all data required for recertification.  Collections will be gathered from property management & vendors

  • Ensuring the project is in compliance with all LEED EB Policies & Procedures

  • Benchmarking ongoing energy and water consumption, and track data in Energy Star

  • Coordinating team activities related to LEED – EBOM recertification

  • Managing all Process and Submittal Documentation on LEED Online

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