Jim Hood

Jim Hood joined Envision Realty Services in July of 2008. The shared philosophy of a sustainable future and economic profitability for Envision Clients enticed Mr. Hood to join the Envision Team. Mr. Hood’s accomplishments include Seventeen years of dedicated service to a fortune 500 Logistics Company. Mr. Hood specifically collaborated with associates and accomplished re-loop objectives, which were directly involved with fuel conservation and emissions control within the Sacramento Region.

Years ago, Jim took a leap of faith and started and operated his own retail business in the Sacramento area. With a business background and owner mentality, Jim brings the ability and tenacity it takes to propel multiple projects in the right direction for success.

Jim has successfully taken 27 projects through the LEED certification process, achieving Silver, Gold and Platinum levels of Certification.

Jim’s accomplishments and his ability to stay on task have proven to be an asset to Envision Realty Services and have earned him the responsibility of overseeing a highly qualified LEED consultant Team servicing multiple LEED submittal projects. Currently, Jim is overseeing projects located in the East Coast Region of the U.S.

Mr. Hood looks forward to servicing Envision Clients and creating lasting relationships while preserving the environment and delivering more to the bottom line.