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Matt Fairall

Matt Fairall joined Envision Realty Services in the spring of 2013. Before working with Envision Realty Services, Matt graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara with a degree in Environmental Studies and a goal of having a positive influence on the interactions between the human and natural environments. After graduating, Matt spent several summers in the islands of Hawaii working to help contain and study the effects of the noxious plant Miconia and Avian Malaria with Maui Invasive Species Committee (MISC) and the United Stated Geologic Survey (USGS). His time here helped him gain a greater appreciation for the world around him and a greater desire to preserve it for future generations.

When Matt finished his time in the islands, he returned to Folsom to assist in the LEED Recertification Process for Envision and its wonderful clients. He brings his energy and dedication to the environment to Envision, and his passion for efficiency and sustainability.